Taco’s Clubhouse IV

Episode Four of Taco’s Clubhouse!! Today’s episode features songs from Vid Nelson, Whoa Dakota, Chrome Pony, Ron Gallo, Naked Giants, Kirch, Nightingail, Liz Cooper and the Stampede, Mister Moon, Lasso Spells, and Crusoe. Track Listing Below. All songs used with artist permission.
Vid Nelson – “Force Feed”
Whoa Dakota – “Patterns”
Chrome Pony – “Road Dope
Ron Gallo – “Really Nice Guys”
Naked Giants – “TV”
Kirch – “Up on My Luck”
Nightingail – “Chestnut Tree”
Liz Cooper and the Stampede – “Mountain Man”
Mister Moon – “Peer”
Lasso Spells – “Before You Know”
Crusoe – “Wild Ones”
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