Taco’s Clubhouse Part III

Episode Three of Taco’s Clubhouse!! Today’s episode features songs from The Gills, The Deacons, Caleb Groh, Sam Evian, Smart Objects, Sad Baxter, Civilian, Harpooner, Feeves, Trash Panda, and The Inscape. Track Listing Below. All songs used with artist permission.
The Gills – “Wildman”
The Deacons – “Slow Rise Lady”
Caleb Groh – “Do you Ride”
Sam Evian – “Need You”
Smart Objects – “The Autumn Man”
Sad Baxter – “Sliver”
Civilian – “Reasons”
Harpooner – “Carolines”
Feeves – “Casual (Bryson Briight Remix)
Trash Panda – “Heartbreak Pulsar”
The Inscape – “Break the Chain”
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