Taco’s Clubhouse Episode II

Welcome back to Taco’s Clubhouse. Today’s episode features songs from Bliss Nova, Mo Lowda and the Humble, Dustin Ransom, TW Walsh, Music Band, Naked Giants, The Minks, Okey Dokey, Keeps, and Nick D’ and the Believers. Track Listing Below. All songs used with artist permission.
Bliss Nova – “Say It”
Mo Lowda and the Humble – “Standing in Place”
Dustin Ransom – “Tired of Money”
TW Walsh – “High Numbers”
Music Band – “Day Stealer”
Naked Giants – “The Age of Information”
The Minks – “Sweet Talk”
Okey Dokey – “Hometown”
Keeps – “I’ve Been Scared”
Nick D’ and the Believers – “Nina Simone”
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